Outcome of Special Called Meeting

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Thursday night, 2/4/16, AVANA held a special-called Board meeting to discuss a public hearing for a proposed resubdivision in Angus Valley. About 38 residents attended. Here is a link to a summary of the meeting for those who could not attend (PDF file). Meeting Summary

The board passed two motions at the meeting.

1) That that AVANA should inform the neighborhood of the public hearing for this resubdivision via yahoo email group and website, encouraging interested individuals to fill out the form FOR or AGAINST the proposed resubdivision and to attend the public hearing on February 16 where they may have the opportunity to express their views on the case. Click here to open a scanned PDF of the Public Hearing Notice for the Proposed Resubdivision. Notice and Input Form

2) A second motion was passed that AVANA object to the resubdivision of the lot for a range of reasons listed in the meeting summary.

Click here to open a PDF of a map of the proposed resubdivided lot. Plat Map





Special Board Meeting

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There will be a special called meeting of the AVANA board on Thursday, February 4, 2016, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the Brookdale North Austin Senior Living Facility at 5310 Duval Road. We will discuss a proposed resubdivsion within the neighborhood.




Annual General Meeting

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Neighbors – hope to see you at the neighborhood annual general meeting!

AVANA General Meeting  

Thursday, November 12, 2015
Will Davis Elementary, 6:30 – 7:45 p.m.

  • Call to Order
    Recognize Guests
    President’s Report
    Secretary’s Report
    Treasurer’s Report
    Action Items:
    Election of Directors
    Amendment to Bylaws
    Safety Officer’s Report
    Topics for Presentation and Discussion:
    Flood Control Measures
    Increased Traffic on Duval Rd.
    Concerns from Residents
    Call for Donations
Nominees for 2015-2016 Board of Directors:


  • President: Stacey Peterson
    Vice-President: Rodger Barnes
    Secretary: Deliese Kennedy
    Treasurer: Marcia Kirkland
    Safety Officer: George McCullough


  • Laura Arbilla
    Laura Burkhart
    Liz Makey
    Judy Schani
    Edward Wells
    Dan Wittliff
Notice for proposed amendment to AVANA’s bylaws

The AVANA Board would like to propose the following amendment to our bylaws.  The existing bylaws state in Article V (MEETINGS AND ORGANIZATION), Section 2 (Board Meetings):  Meetings of the Board shall be held at least quarterly.

That sentence would be amended to read as follows:  The Board shall meet at least twice during a calendar year.




July 4th Neighborhood Parade

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2015_Jul4_AVANA_detailedIt’s happening again: the 4th of July parade!!!

Dress up yourself, your bike, stroller, golf cart, etc, in good ole’ red, white, and blue and join us for the parade at 10 am at the corner of Hereford Way and Bar X Dr. We need participants and viewers.

The route is: Hereford, Mustang Chase, Deer Track (new), Maverick, West Cow, Branding Chase, Shetland Chase, Pony Chase, Bar X (we are skipping Black Angus). Rumors are circulating that we’ll have a WWII jeep, golf carts, cannon start, etc.

Afterwards, we’ll have grills ready for your lunchtime meat. Bring a side dish to share and blankets/chairs for the yard. If you want to bring a bag of ice, do and some Homemade ice cream for the ice cream contest.

We’ll provide the water balloons for the traditional water balloon toss, beverages (lemonade and water), snow cones, cups, plates, utensils.

Contact Mark and Karen Flanagan if you have questions: 512-250-2923




Neighborhood Flood Info. Meeting

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Here is a link to the PowerPoint the COA showed at the information meeting related to flood mitigation in the neighborhood (PDF file). Flood Hazard Mitigation The meeting was held on Tuesday, March 31, at Will Davis Elementary at 6:30 p.m. Reem Zoun who is sponsoring this project for the COA presented the PowerPoint. Her contact info. is below.

Reem J Zoun, PE, CFM
Watershed Engineering Division
Watershed Protection Department, City of Austin
505 Barton Springs Rd, 12th floor, Austin, TX 78704
P: (512) 974-3354
F: (512) 974-3390





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Below is a link to a PowerPoint containing information on CodeNEXT written by board member Dan Wittliff (PDF file). CODE NEXT PPT revised PDF Microsoft PowerPoint – CodeNEXT PDF




National Night Out – Oct. 7

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NNO 2012
Please join us for Neighborhood Night Out on Tuesday, October 7th at 12014 W. Cow Path. Details to follow, but be sure to mark your calendars to join us for food, drink, and visiting with your neighbors in the ‘hood! Hope to see everyone there.

Laura & Chris Burkhart




July 4th Neighborhood Parade

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Friday, July 4th at 10 a.m. meet at the corner of Bar X and Hereford for the 16th annual parade.  Wear your favorite RED, WHITE, AND BLUE, decorate your wagon, stroller, bike, tricycle, golf cart, etc., and stroll the neighborhood.  The parade route will be the same as last year (see below map): Hereford Way to Mustang to Maverick to West Cow to Branding Chase to Shetland Chase to Pony Chase to Bar X.  Spectators along the route can participate by providing watering stations, lemonade, water sprinklers and misters.

Afterwards, the traditional potluck (BYOM–bring your own meat) and a side to share.  We’ll have a homemade ice cream contest (submit your ice cream), snow cones, water balloons, etc.

Last year we needed more grill space.  So we are asking for some volunteers to bring their grill to Hereford & Bar X before or after the parade.  We’d like to have 3-4 grills cooking hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, chicken, etc.  Right now, we have one.

If you have a new neighbor, please print this out and share it with them.

See you in your patriotic finest!

Contact Mark and Karen Flanagan if you have questions:  512-250-2923

photos from 2012 parade




10-1 Redistricting Update

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Commissioners Unanimously Adopt Proposed Final Plan

Wednesday evening November 6, 2013 the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission voted unanimously to adopt the Proposed Final Plan for the first-ever single member districts for the Austin City Council.  After almost six months of meetings, including 12 Public Forums, the Commission has drawn the lines for the Final Plan. It can be seen by clicking here on Proposed Final Plan or on the interactive map posted on www.austinredistricting.org.

The ICRC will be taking final action the week of November 18th.  If you would like to make comments about the Proposed Final Plan you may do so by sending an email to:  icrc-craig.tounget@austintexas.gov.  




10-1 Redistricting

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How would you like to see the redistricting lines drawn around us?

Your opinions will guide AVANA’s Board of Directors on how to best represent the neighborhood.

Nearby neighborhoods (Mesa Park, Milwood, Walnut Creek Crossing, Balcones Woods, and Great Hills) have contacted us to see how we feel about the preliminary map that Austin’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Committee (ICRC) recently released which keeps most of the nearby neighborhoods together, but places Angus Valley in district 6 together with many Williamson County neighborhoods.

Some support ICRC’s preliminary map, but other support alternative maps such as the Compact Districts Coalition Map which places Angus Valley in a newly drawn district 7, in more of a north Mopac-centric district vs. including us with Williamson County.

More information and links are in the Year in Review slideshow from our general meeting.  And this Austin Chronicle article provides good background information as well as sample maps and links.  Finally, this links to a PDF of the full charter that the redistricting commission is charged with.

Let us know what you think.  And please keep the conversation civil.  Thanks, Stacey Peterson

Comments closed:  If you want to voice your opinion please write to:  AngusValleyAreaNA@gmail.com or to the board members at board@angusvalley.org.  Only the board members will view these emails and with your permission will be posted here.