The Angus Valley Area Neighborhood Association is a community organization founded to build community. AVANA provides and promotes programs, services and activities aimed at encouraging connections between neighbors and fostering civic involvement in our diverse community.

AVANA is not a Home Owner’s Association (HOA). HOAs require mandatory membership, charge expensive dues and have deed enforcement powers. AVANA has voluntary membership dues of only $10 a year and helps to coordinate neighborhood activities, keeps residents informed of relevant issues, and liaisons with the City of Austin and other neighborhoods on points of interest.

The Board of Directors Meetings are held at least twice a year and details will be posted on the website as well as to the Yahoo! group.

In the past, AVANA published a newsletter, The Angus Valley Advocate. Currently, we only have electronic copies of two of the past newsletters, the September 2008 and the March 2009 (the last newsletter published).

Remember, AVANA is not a Home Owner’s Association (HOA). If you have a complaint or would like to contact code enforcement, dial 3-1-1 or file a complaint online.