Yett Creek Park Update



Yett Creek Park Update

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Last Chance

to make your voice heard by the City of Austin

Angus Valley Residents –

 We, the AVANA board, have learned that on March 7, 2013, the Austin City Council will vote on the Parks and Recreation Department’s (PARD) proposal to designate about one-half of Yett Creek Park as an off-leash dog trail.  Even though many of you participated in meetings and wrote letters to PARD in 2011, this is the first and possibly only time this matter will be heard and voted on by the City Council.

Currently there is a draft agenda posted on the City Council’s website for the March 7 meeting with agenda item #15 pertaining to Yett Creek Park.  Attached to this email you will find the information for agenda item #15, and you will see a map of the proposed trails in Yett Creek Park.

 The subject of item #15 is “approve a resolution authorizing the design of two looped nature trails, including an off-leash trail, at Yett Creek Neighborhood Park.”  The backup information on the item is stated as follow:

 “The Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) propose to designate a portion of the existing nature trail at Yett Creek Neighborhood Park as an off-leash trail. Yett Creek Neighborhood Park is a 40 acre park with limited park amenities. The only park amenity is a 1.5 mile loop nature trail. The proposal is to design two looped nature trails: one designated as an off- leash trail while the other would remain an on­-leash trail. The community surrounding Yett Creek Neighborhood Park is in favor of this new amenity.”

We, the AVANA board, have not and do not plan to represent the will of the Angus Valley Neighborhood on this matter.  In fairness, some AVANA residents supported the off-leash proposal while others were against it at the local meetings in 2011.  However, all Angus Valley residents should know that this may be their last chance to have their voices heard.

Your voice can make a difference.  Consider the trail design being presented by PARD and the off-leash designation of Yett Creek Park.  Call, write, email, twitter, and/or Facebook your thoughts directly to each of the council members now while they are considering the action they will take at the March 7 meeting.


Stacey Peterson, President

Angus Valley Area Neighborhood Association