Stage 2 Watering Restrictions



Stage 2 Watering Restrictions

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Recently, I noticed my little patch of St. Augustine lawn was looking a bit crispy. We’ve been fortunate enough since sometime last year to not have to water it. I dug around for the sprinkler and got it all set to go. Uh oh, are we still on watering restrictions? Sure enough folks, we are.

I went to the City of Austin website and found out that, despite the wonderful rainfall over the last few months, we are still in pretty dire straits. Last September, the City was placed on ‘Stage 2’ watering restrictions which means private houses can only water once a week, with the day depending on your address.

Full details, including other restrictions (car washes, ornamental fountains, etc) can be found here.

It’s also worth noting that the City is currently considering changing its code on water usage. There have been several public meetings held already. The next one is not yet scheduled, but you can find out more information here.