Proposed parking development in Riata



Proposed parking development in Riata

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Some of our Angus Valley neighbors who live near 3M have received a letter from the City of Austin informing them of an application for a site plan to build additional parking in the Riata complex that will border some of the houses in the neighborhood (on Cactus Bend).  Here is a PDF of the letter from the city, as well as information about becoming an “interested party” by April 26.  The AVANA board has requested to become an interested party and has passed along the concerns compiled by our Cactus Bend neighbors.  We are closely monitoring this, gathering information, and will keep you informed.

Additionally, a new page has been created on this site to gather all the information in one place. On the top menu bar, there is a link for “Riata Development”. New information will be posted here on the main page as well as on that page.