Gallery of Pets



Gallery of Pets

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I grew up just across 183 off Oak Knoll.  My family shopped at Gallery of Pets practically since the day it opened (1977).  We fell in love with ferrets in the store and we owned several while I was growing up (the first were purchased there and the rest were ‘rescues’).  I even bought a baby ball python when I was a teenager!  The knowledgeable staff helped when I inherited my aunt’s aging cockatiels, who weren’t adjusting well to their new life.  Simply put, it was the model neighborhood pet store.

I moved away from Northwest Austin when I was 14 and didn’t return until 2006 when I purchased my first home in Angus Valley.  I quickly rediscovered Gallery of Pets and made it my exclusive pet store, feeling no remorse for dropping the big box places I had grown used to going to.  There is just nothing like a friendly family-owned neighborhood business.

Haven’t been yet?  They have a wide selection of birds and everything your bird could want.  They also have small mammals (bunnies, guinea pigs, etc), reptiles, and fresh and salt water fish.  They carry the best dog and cat foods your money can buy.  Stop in to play with birds or even to shop!  Support our local businesses!