AVANA Annual General Meeting



AVANA Annual General Meeting

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Last night, the neighborhood association held it’s annual meeting.  During the meeting, Stacey Peterson gave a “year in review” poem that was a big hit with the audience.  She touched on many of the important issues we dealt with over the last 12 months including the possible changes to Yett Creek Park as well as the fire.  Elections were then held, conducted my Gaye Thompson, and 4 new board members joined the team:  Craig Daugherty, Tania Rayborn, Jeri Baker and Edward Wells (to see all the board members, click here).  We heard the minutes from the last meeting from Deliese Kennedy and the financial report of the organization from Marcia Kirkland.  Then Chuck Pace spoke about crime (or really, the lack thereof) in our neighborhood.  He reiterated that anyone who witnesses suspicious behavior should report it to 911 immediately.

A more thorough review of the meeting will be available when the secretary publishes the draft minutes of the meeting.

See everyone again next year!


  • sheila said:

    Oct 19, 2011 8:16 am

    I was not able to attend the meeting. Would it be possible to share the poem Stacey recited at the meeting here?

  • Stacey said:

    Nov 01, 2011 1:12 am

    It’s really not a “poem,” but just a silly bit of doggerel. In truth, the AVANA board members and many neighborhood volunteers did so much this year that it was simply impossible to adequately recognize them all.

    I’ve never seen such a group of hard-working volunteers. Angus Valley is lucky to have such a group of dedicated, concerned neighbors who give so freely of their time and talents!

    2011 – A Year in Review

    T’was a time I remember at the start of the year,
    few creatures were stirring except for the deer.
    When suddenly in March, a news-story ran
    about Yett Creek Park; then our work … it began.

    Phones started ringing, emails were sent.
    On flyers and signs, some money was spent.
    AVANA, our neighbors, and the city had meetings.
    Our yahoo listserv took quite a beating.

    The postings, they piled up to 384.
    And just when it seemed there could be nothing more …
    the park caught on fire … we had to get out,
    a terrible end to the long summer’s drought.

    But all was not lost, the firemen appeared.
    Then with Ward Boyce’s help, some deadwood was cleared.
    I know that this poem doesn’t even come near
    to describing the things accomplished this year.

    Chuck stayed on crime, he missed not a beat,
    And Marcia, our treasurer, kept our books neat.
    Deliese wrote it all down, the record complete.
    And Marissa designed a new website … so sweet.

    There was John Bramlett, and Randy, and Rodger, and Jennie
    Gaye Thompson, and Judy, and Maria – so many
    whose names I do not have time to call.
    These folks gave their best … THEY GAVE IT THEIR ALL!

  • sheila said:

    Nov 01, 2011 11:22 am

    thanks stacey for posting :) and thanks to everyone for helping to make Angus Valley a wonderful place to live