Yett Creek Park Brush Cleanup



Yett Creek Park Brush Cleanup

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On Saturday the City brought out some equipment to help clear brush piles that had accumulated along the back fence lines of houses adjacent to Yett Creek Park.  This effort was a instigated in a response to keep our neighborhood safer from possible fires in the park by reducing the fuel load in the area.

There were about 8 neighbors who came to help the City.  With all the hands on task, many of the brush piles were cleared and the park made a better place!  Thank you to everyone who came, and thanks to Ward Boyce for pushing this issue with the City and getting the crew out!

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  • sheila said:

    Nov 01, 2011 10:38 am

    we were out of town when the last Yett Creek Park cleanup took place. Please keep posting notifications of when these are planned. We hope to lend a hand at one in the future.